Sunday, June 14, 2009

Universal Studios Uploaded

Well, I got some of the Universal Pictures up… it’s not all of them because I know I took more pictures, but I will have to find them some other time. I also found more Watts Towers pictures and several more Los Angeles pictures as well. I hope you enjoy them.

California - 2004/2005

Web Albums Finally Up

I have uploaded my Los Angles, CA and Disneyland pictures to my Picasa web album. I have only uploaded the ones that I think look good but there are several more pictures that I took. The album is a combination of my 2004 and 2005 vacations to L.A. Each picture has a story with it and I intend on telling those stories through the caption.

We also went to Universal Studios for both trips although I cannot find the pictures for them. When I do, I will upload them to the album and type in the captions. The same thing goes with the Universal pictures; I will only upload the ones that look good.

California - 2006

I will also, eventually, upload the DisneyWorld and Florida pictures to my album. But that is a another time. 

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Update - June 13, 2009

As of right now, I am not currently on vacation although I am planning to go to California this August to visit somebody. I will be leaving the second week before September and returning the day before the first day of September. I plan on seeing San Francisco and possibly Sacramento. Of course, this is all just a plan for now but I want to make it happen. I want to see my friend because we haven’t seen each other in a long long long time.

The problem is, I will be staying at her house but if something goes wrong and I am unable too then I would have no place to stay since we are too poor to rent out a hotel room. I have to find somebody that I know that lives near the area to take me in just incase there is an emergency. That would be the toughest part of this whole thing.

This would be my first trip to northern California.  


This blog was created to document my vacation accounts and only my vacation accounts. Think of it as a web diary that would tell everything that went on during the day. Although I wish that I had this blog when I traveled to Florida and California 2 time each… that would have filled up quite a lot of things. My other blogs are for random posts and intellectual posts on films… this one is only devoted to vacations.

Hopefully in August I will be going on a vacation back to California to visit a good friend of mine… she lives near San Jose.

I can only hope.